U.S. Congressman Westmoreland Visits CSX-Served Kia Auto Plant in GA, Track Construction by STX
Friday, August 9, 2013
by: Tabitha Layman

Section: 2013 NRC Grassroots Events

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland with Kia executives and STX VP Daniel Stout

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West Point, GA - On 8/9/13, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA-2) joined the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC), NRC member STX Railroad Construction, CSX, and Kia Motor Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) for a briefing and tour of the Kia plant and rail yard in West Point, Georgia.

During the briefing and tour, STX and CSX discussed the positive impact railroads have on Georgia's economy and how they can continue to keep Georgia businesses running. Specifically, how businesses like Kia work hand in hand with the rail industry to ship their product more efficiently thus boosting Georgia's economy and creating jobs.

In 2011, STX completed a rail expansion project in KMMG's rail yard which now allows Kia to produce and ship out more vehicles. Daniel Stout, Vice President of STX, said that they were able to coordinate with Kia to halt their production while still finishing the project on time. Through this project, STX reinvested $180,000 into the local community for services such as housing, food, fuel, and other consumables.

"I would like to thank Kia for hosting this event," stated Westmoreland. "It was very educational and a great way to learn more about the railroad industry in Georgia. It was especially helpful to see a first-hand example of how a Georgia business and the railroad industry can work together so that both can achieve success. Railroads provide critical assistance to Georgia businesses. The more than 4,600 miles of freight railroad track in our state help bring much-needed materials and goods in and helps them to ship their products out. The way Kia has utilized Georgia's railroad system is a model that other Georgia businesses can use to grow and thrive."

The event received the following press coverage:

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