U.S. Congressman John Carter joins Georgetown Rail Equipment Company for debut of Aurora Xiâ„¢ tie inspection technology, discusses innovation and technology in the rail contracting and supply industry
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
by: Ashley Bosch

Section: 2015 NRC Grassroots Events

GREX Emerging Technologies Developer Jeb Belcher briefing the Congressman and guests on the Aurora Xi

Congressman Carter with the GREX team in Georgetown, TX

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Georgetown, TX – On 5/5/15, U.S. Congressman John Carter (R-TX-31), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, joined representatives from Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) and the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC) for the debut of GREX’s rail tie inspection solution, Aurora Xi. The NRC organized the event.

Congressman Carter met with GREX’s executive team, including President & CEO Wiggie Shell, Vice President of Engineering Greg Grissom, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Business Management Tim Harris, and Emerging Technologies Developer Jeb Belcher. Additional attendees included NRC VP of Grassroots Advocacy & Events Ashley Bosch.

The event showcased GREX’s Aurora Xi technology, which advances track inspection by enabling railroads to see and understand what’s occurring inside their wood ties. Aurora Xi harnesses backscatter x-ray technology to reveal flaws in individual ties – everything from hollow sections caused by decay to the depth and size of cracks. Once the data from the backscatter x-ray is collected, Aurora Xi issues detailed reports so that railroads can better estimate the life of their existing ties and create accurate, efficient and cost-effective maintenance plans to replace them as needed.

“GREX is committed to providing railroads with the most cutting-edge inspection data streams to support resource prioritization, safety, and efficiency” said Greg Grissom.

“GREX is a perfect example of Central Texas innovation and small business success” said Congressman Carter. “The work being done by this industry leader will help to ensure the safety and future growth of Central Texas and our nation. I am proud of GREX’s pioneering drive and I look forward to seeing the creative and ground-breaking rail solutions they will come up with in the future. ”
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